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Apr 2017
I love the sound
of warm sunshine!
Closing my eyes,
I make the sounds mine.

The sunny day sounds;
so beautiful to hear.
Bees humming dutifully -
far and near.

Other small creatures
are heard everywhere,
in the muffled ambience
of lukewarm air.

I so enjoy listening
to the clear blue sky,
and the few puffy clouds
drifting lazily by.

I hear all the magnificent
hues of blue;
reminding me of memories
created with you.

When listening closely
to the rustling trees;
I can differ the sounds
of all kinds of leaves.

Insects doing their magic
down on the pond,
Flying about in circles
like magic wands.

I hear the salty scent
of nearby seas,
brought here just for me
by a mellow slow breeze.

These are the days
that keep me alive,
as do the others -
when I hear myself strive.
Written by
Eiler  Norway
   Ma Cherie
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