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Apr 2017
He sobbed with a look of depression and wept hopelessly,
The sky was
A dark, melancholy blue
He felt dejected and disappointed

She said he felt lost

She felt sullen,
Seeing the loneliness
Sweep across his features

His heart compressed within his chest,
Tears fell from his eyes as he tried to tear his heart from his rib cage
Knowing he’d always be a failure

She sobbed while holding back tears,
Never looking back at his crumpled figure.
The sky was a midnight blue
And she knew they would never be the same.

Nothing for these strangers would ever be the same,
For she had broken both their hearts
And he had not the strength to hold all the pieces

The black sky stretched above them
Like velvet, stars scattered across its surface

He wept

She walked away

He crumpled

She sobbed

He suffocated

She drowned

Their red string frayed and decayed
While the moon sat high among the stars
Illuminating their crumbling world
Written by
     Lior Gavra and ryn
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