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Apr 2017
In the spotlight
That is not me
Behind the scenes
No one will ever see
I like that writing offers me comfort
I may be a ****** poet and I'll accept my own criticism
But the pages of my journal are my canvas
One where my life is portrayed
Captured in high definition
Lacking photo shop or an edit
No one knows I like to write and that's the greatest comfort of it all
It's my own little secret
I am my own Dorian Gray locking my portrait and hiding it forever
My friends don't know I write and neither does my mother
My teachers don't know I write and neither does my brother
It's a safety net under a thin line between sanity and insanity threatening to part their ways-
With insanity inevitably winning the tug of war of course
The therapeutic scribbles add to the thickness
They offer a chance
The uncontrable brush strokes work hard against gravity
Behind the scenes I am working on a masterpiece
S cape
Written by
S cape
   Ioana - Silvia Manea, J and ---
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