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Apr 2017
i don't get it... actually i'm against it; i simply have no idea
what these natives are talking about...

come to think of it, having acquired the tongue on
secondary recommendations, i'm literally acting out
a: what the ****? huh?

gender neutral pronouns?
        well... there's you, and there's i...
      that's pretty neutral where i come from...
      i'm not about to spell out either
                  h e l e n...  or
               m a t t h e w for that matter...

or as ha-satan said:
                  you sure about this ha-shem /
******, she-he, ha-she, ha-she-she,

******* fiddlers, the irish, hobbit people...
    gonna shrink into a microorganism any time soon?

i already told you the gender neutral pronouns!
and that's how we usually talk when we're
formal and not endearing, and personally
enforcing the conversation, we don't associate
people with names...

we have two simple gender neutral pronouns
you might use when buying cabbage from a farmer...
hey! you!
                                        aye aye!

the **** are these people on?
        i actually wish they were on acid... i really do...

i just went through 3 tiers of taking a ****,
which means i have greater concerns than what
these ponces are getting cold sweat over...
                      honestly... you have to be really kidding
if you take to these grammatical transgressions...
because they are grammatical transgressions...
     now... if you said: my grandfather was a communist
party member...
                 i'd be like... so he has a decent pension?
and you'd say: yep...
                     he's a vegeterian in the morning,
a carnivore in the afternoon,
  and a cannibal in the night when he eats
out my grandmother's *****.

                             he's thinking of oysters all the time
after he's done his due.

   eh... the irish... thank you j. r. r. tolkien -
          i can't think of the irish without thinking of
the furry feat of midgets...
                                 oh i'd gore their women,
for sure... they have these cheek bones so plump
that it's almost like a hard-on for slavic eyes
   that are quasi mongol...
                ******* these women would be equivalent
to watching a full-moon...
                             ******* hobbits...
          a giraffe sticks its head into an elephant's
                  what do we get? far sighted animals.

but it's true! i can't stop comparing j. r. r.'s
hobbits with the irish... the scots don't fit the bill...
the welsh are quasi celtic...
                        i'm scratching my head at this point
trying to revise the problem i have
with the linguistic ****** in the west these days...
look... i acquired this tongue, i didn't inherit it...
but even i know the reasons to not abuse it...
   since these days? it's a joke...
           and it's not a good joke either, it's
no lee evans or an eddie izzard type
   of slap-stick vs. awckward body language humour...
ah... ****... go   oon! **** a hobbit!

            yes please!

              but there are gender neutral pronouns
already in place!
                   an atypical conversation

- hello, i'm Helen.
  - hello! i'm Matthew.
  - you a he / she?
- dunno... you             i   or   i you?
- huh?
  - you having an outer-body experience
    or not?
- what's that?
   - what you called: concerning a fake *******
   but no womb; but sure...
       your visage is 100 per cent proof fuckable.

i can't believe native speakers of this zunge
  deformed it to the state where it's like
                    peter the great's collection
of pickled foetuses aborted due to their deformities,
stashed on display in the st. petersburg
museum: kunstkamera... hmm + a ******'s
                       glum smile....
         kunstkamera... photographs
                                       of female genitals.

why have the natives abused their language so
            i and you are gender neutral!
                          what are these retards on about?
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
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