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Apr 2017
I love books.
I love them so much I want to eat them.
I love it when the spirit of the book possesses you in a way you can feel
   you are converging into another world—a world where the heart of
   the book belongs;
And how it makes you feel the characters' feelings, as if you are in their
I love how your imagination unite in the story.
I love the way books talk to you.
I love the way the spirit of the book connects with your soul.
I love the way books take you away from reality.
I love the way stories remains, stays, and sticks with you for days,
   or months,
   or years,
   or decades,
   or even a lifetime.
I love the way its words and messages touches you deeply in a way you
   can give any meaning onto it.
I love to think how books can change the world.
Any book.
Any writer.
Any reader.
As long as you are passionately open and understanding.
Would you like to join me for tea?
Let us talk.
Let us talk about the books you've read,
And I'll join you babbling about how wonderful it is...
Written by
Ponds  15/F
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