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Apr 2012
With my weight over you,
Arms around,
Fingers intertwined and
Speak these words in your ear:
"Please don't feel smothered by me"
Time stretches between our mouths and
Even if you were to spend
Every minute, every
Day in my bed
******* even just
Breathing, beside me
It would never be enough.
Some infinities are greater than other infinities
Yet none can be reached,
So please, don't feel smothered by
Me, even though you
Are the food I crave while still eating
You are the song stuck all day in my head
That remains there repeating even after
Having listened loudly and often.
You are the the book that sits
Glued to my hands and my eyes
******* me into its world while
Belittling mine,
You are the dance I cannot replicate with
A lifetime in the mirror
You are the one in seven billion
There is no other
But please don't feel smothered.
If I can never get enough
Then there is nothing you can give.
Therefore you are,
And always,
So please don't feel smothered
by me.
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