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QuiverCoeur Jul 2012
Empathy yet,

You shouldn't be.

But why not?
QuiverCoeur Jul 2012
I sat lying on a sofa
At a party in
My penthouse apartment
Drunk n ******
At 2am
And all I could think
Was how small these people were
And how you should be here with me
And how vast your mind
Back when I could explore it
And how great your thoughts
(Back when I could contemplate)
These people are too small
Pretty perhaps
Cute like children
But I can't connect with then
Connect with them
Like children
They're just
Too small.

And you were great.
I really miss that.
I really miss you sometimes,
When the small people disappoint me
I always knew I had something rare
But I never knew
You were more than rare
You were,
In the loud times as much as the quiet,
QuiverCoeur May 2012
Darkest edge of brightest eyes
Here, in contrast,
Beauty lies.
QuiverCoeur Apr 2012
With my weight over you,
Arms around,
Fingers intertwined and
Speak these words in your ear:
"Please don't feel smothered by me"
Time stretches between our mouths and
Even if you were to spend
Every minute, every
Day in my bed
******* even just
Breathing, beside me
It would never be enough.
Some infinities are greater than other infinities
Yet none can be reached,
So please, don't feel smothered by
Me, even though you
Are the food I crave while still eating
You are the song stuck all day in my head
That remains there repeating even after
Having listened loudly and often.
You are the the book that sits
Glued to my hands and my eyes
******* me into its world while
Belittling mine,
You are the dance I cannot replicate with
A lifetime in the mirror
You are the one in seven billion
There is no other
But please don't feel smothered.
If I can never get enough
Then there is nothing you can give.
Therefore you are,
And always,
So please don't feel smothered
by me.
QuiverCoeur Mar 2012
So this is as it was, the old wound still itches
Glimpses of your face and my heart still twitches
If time heals all wounds then what am I to do
When my life has been frozen

Since last I saw

You soften your eyes as they flickered to mine
Skirted the contact then burned deep inside
Gritting my teeth in the pleasurable pain
A razor machete in welcome invasion
Expertly wielded through my jungle of thoughts
Clearing a path and discovering

My soul lost in

Your damp forest of evergreen trees
Rooting my soil and growing up through me
Bringing fresh life to my stagnant dirt
Oxygenating the air of my earth
Reversing pollution, reviving, refreshing,
Regressing the growth of the thorns in my flesh and

Cutting the cancer that
I might live,
Leaving your legacy scars.

So this is as it was, the wound still itches
Glimpses of your hand and my heart still twitches
If time heals all then what can I do
Since my death was frozen
When last I felt you.
QuiverCoeur Mar 2012
A flash is all she gave to me
Her light's imprint on all I see
The flicker of her camera's eye
A moment light, a passion fire
Left in burnt and blind desire

I almost heard her say goodbye

If I get blind drunk will you carry me home
And not believe a word I say
Make me hurl to force me better
Then chase my memories away...

The buzz is all that's left to me
In my ears from your company
Enthralled by silken siren song
All the dancing, all the bass
Shouted greetings in my face

I almost thought I might belong

If I get blind drunk will you carry me home
And not believe a word I say
Make me hurl to force me better
Then chase my memories away...
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QuiverCoeur Mar 2012
The mud was soft. Feeling cold,
Too cold to be soft, it slid the same
And the fall,
Longer than I saw again
(when I later returned)
Fast and fun, long enough to enjoy, relax
Enough to survive
The landing.
The cave, dark but glowing
In the careful light of my deprived eyes
Rivers rising and falling in the forced night
Stalactites clinging maybe
Falling into the grey.
If you had known,
If any if you had known,
Noticed, felt my absence in the crowd
Heeded my falling away,
You could have joined me
For my time in the cave.
So long, longer than I saw
(when later I returned)
That I had spent there,
So peaceful.
There was a gentle dripping, I remember
And sunbeams, if I did not dream them
And voices, I thought I had imagined
Leading me to salvation.
They died, in the end: alone,
I found my own way out,
An escape forever I regret.
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