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Mar 2017
**** y'all.                                                                                              

Everythin's spining.                                                                                                
Leaves flying.                                                                                    
Round and round.                                                                            
Sadness floating.                                                                                          
Still here.

**** good it was.
Real lucky I was.
Now scares me.
Forget it !
Remember the funky happy song!
What are you waiting for ?

******* all off, and just leave me alone.
Trumpets are singing.
Time to be sad.
Someone ? A Dagger please ! I'd like to stab my belly.
Maybe that way this feeling will fade away ?

An eraser for the past ?
The asylum is over there dude.
What about you, always looking towards the future ?
Hug it.
I know !! I know I should.
But Past is pulling me back.

That **** ******* feeling.
Don't need it to survive.
But is the salt of existence.
The burger of the life.
Give me the pepper would ya' ?
(the audience is invited to laugh.)

How did she move on ?
A guess ?
Wisdom ?
Or perhaps early Alzheimer.
Just kidding.

Maybe she didn't move on.
Managing only to close her eyes.
Oh come on shut up will ya' ??
Of course she moved on !
What did you expect exept Schwepps ??

Snow falling.
Negative things ramping.
Sun rising.
Positive things shining.
You don't live all year with snow.
Unless you're from Saskatoon. Or maybe Siberia too.

The burger, waiting for salt, increasingly covered by falling snow, got pepper instead.
Lol are you mad ?
Of course not ? And you ?
Neither am I. And what about the other guy over there, with the black hat ?
Dunnow. Looks like he's looking for salt.
Yeah, but seems he doesn't know how to catch it.
Yeah, he thinks snow is falling upon him, but it's salt.
Poor him. What he is looking for is all around him.

**** it.
Thanks for reading ! Any thoughts ? :-)
Written by
Niels Land
   Shaded Lamp
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