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Mar 2017
All the times I spent starring at you in the moments your mind ventured away ,
All the times I spent my nights pondering of you in search of the light ,while you slept through the darkness,
All the times I told you I loved you, all these times have decayed into the fabric of gone and forgotten time.
The memories of the nights we spent , the days we had and all the times I was grateful to have you as mine.
Your promises were like flames and our love was the fuel, in the end you were miles away from the explosion and I alone burnt.
All the times you gave me hope when I had none ,
All the times I looked to you for structuralΒ  support,
All foolish times,
And I alone was the kingdoms clown for believing you could be different.
A fool is a fool , and I was the biggest of them all.
I'd call our love a curse , a waste of time and detest the moments I spent with you , but a fool is a fool and I'm the biggest of them all.
May happiness find it's way to you , may true love venture to your heart and may you never do to him what has been done on to me.
But a fool is a fool and I'm the biggest of them all so I wish you well but in this grieving moment I do not griev I rejoice in the freedom you gave , and to the memories we made I make a flame to guide me out of the dark and leave to decay in the place you so eagerly left me.
Written by
Muhammed Amir Shaik  20/M/south africa
(20/M/south africa)   
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