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Mar 2012
she crys at night

she cant help herself;
she blames you
but knows deep down its her own fault
everything happened so quickly

she wasnt sure what to do

she repeated it to her head and heart many times

hes gone
hes gone
he doesnt want you.
he left you remember
your nothing to him dont boter trying.
it will only hurt you more

but her soul took over and transfixed her to letting it out
letting it out to people who told him.
he found out
he bad mouthed her.

he still didnt want her anymore.
he still doesnt want her anymore.
she crys now.
not only at night
secretly sheds a few tears;
here and there,
she lets it out
only to herself though
becuase hell find out.

he doesnt want her.

he never really did....
he still doesnt want her
bethany boy
Written by
bethany boy
   Mina, Susan Hunt, Madds and T-bear
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