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Feb 2010
Medical preys;
unwanted grasses
on female pasture;
yet over determined to exist.

to pleasurable sins

by we who bekoned them.
To save faces

and intergrity;
To erase footprints
and outcome of our sins.
but you never cease to surface,
at any ****** call;

Never afraid of the death
nor the murderous act.
Brave unborn souls,
sacrificial lambs
of human immorality,
''cleansing off our sins''.
Yet answerable
to any ****** call
wishing it sinless
by matrimony.
Beauty of a marital love,
essence of a matrimonial
of all innocents,
One with God!,

Wisdom of the ancient!
The first measures
of purity.
But; where goes
the astral wisdoms
after the humanization?
where you compelled
to be born,
revoltless of the ******
of your unborn kind?
was it karmic purposed?
Written by
Ochiogu Kevin  M
   eileen mcgreevy
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