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Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
Dear Ex,
Every lover is a fool
To the one he loves;
Though every fool is not a lover.
In those days
When we loved,
Admiration befell the stars;
For us they came out glittering.
Tornados calm before us,
Waves sleep for us
To sail and the sun
Faded before our love.
Then cheated heart and wounded one
Became my fate,
But I’m breathing
I am the miracle.
I was a fool
So you said then
Why the torment?
Separate lives
Is what we are now
Infidelity pierce even
The heart of a god.
A wounded star
Knew no remedy.
Dear Ex,
For every wind
Someone must fail;
We’ve all been
Hurt before.
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
In the land
Of the burning tribe,
Dwelt the worst of evils.
A tribe
Where immorality is moral
And flaming human minds
Can be traced.
Allergic to goodness,
Cancerous to strangers,
Abhorrent to civilization,
Glut with cheating.
Pure hostility
Even at jovial point
And under loving atmosphere.
A tribe
of courtesans
Where adultery is tradition,
And fornication begins at ten
To enhance development,
For healthy living.
A tribe
Of awkward belief
In a path of abstinence to sickness
Curable with *** alone.
Of what descent
Are they?
Too violent to exist
with no regard to life.
Of what mentality?
When playing safe
Is inhuman!
And ******
Of the innocents unborn
Is nothing.
Spreading the virus,
Never afraid to harbour it.
Where is their good side?
Is it unseen or extinct?
If any, “ wuese te”.
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
At the campus,
I heard his voice
In the room
Of my female neighbour.
In the evening,
I heard his voice again
And hers too,
Screaming the walls down.
In the morning,
I asked what happened,
Oh…..we are making love
She said.
Then I saw him
Oops! He is the
Preacher in my neighbourhood.
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
The church said,
Darkness and light
Comprehend not.
A pastor told me,
Oh ……how darkness
By the rising sun dispel.
Then what is
Dawn and dusk?
But a comprehension
Between darkness and light.
About the sun,
What happens when it sets?
Who dispelled who?
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
Known sorrows
Are not only human
Death; sorrows is
What causes the
Heart to bleed.
If elergy is to be
Sung on sorrows mat,
Then it need not
Be for human death
On the day when
Ecstatic moan
Escapes the cracks
And hinges gaps
Of neighbours’ door,
Phone calls generate
Laughters on the faces
Of lovers,
Love lost its life
In the hearts of hosts.
Though not human
But death is death
For it once lived.
Love immortality
Is human gullibility
For it dies
Even as the celebrant
Every February 14th.
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
He that is mightier
Is absolute!
He gives love
In the midst of outstanding hatred! ,
Faith, in the midst
Of hopelessness!
Happiness, in the midst
Of bitterness!
Peace, in the midst
Of turmoil!
And joy, in the midst
Of overwhelming sorrows!
Holy is his name.
Ochiogu Kevin Aug 2011
On the deaths,
Of those dear to us
Whose life flickered out
Like candle lights;
On the pains
Of those hearts
Whose love was
Never returned;
On all broken hearts
Who seeked love
But never found
On all losers
But pure at heart,
May you find
Solace within,
Never on the edge of tears.
Where was chineke
When lovely souls drifted
Away, leaving weeping eyes behind?
Where are the days
When love was immortal?
On all sorrows,
We pour this libation.
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