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Jan 2017
What is it about stairs?
Walking down is
Done reluctantly
But walking up is done

Walking down
Flights of stairs
Feels like
Walking into
A solitary nightmare.

Walking up
Flights of stairs
Feels like an escape
Into relief,
It’s like walking
Into the light,
Feeling light
Like a leaf,
Walking into
A door to the skies
Were the clouds
Like soft beds
Give comfort.

One can look below
At tiny dots of
Life, going and going,
Wind blowing
People screaming,
Chaos and serenity
Almost battling each
Other to maintain

From above,
There is much to see,
Much to feel
And time to heal.
But eventually high
Will inevitably
Lead to a low
And one must return
To the show.

One must walk
Down a flight of stairs
And face their fears.
Written by
Poetroyalee  21/F/My chaotic mind
(21/F/My chaotic mind)   
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