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Jan 2017
When I first walked into Hell,
I didn’t even realize it had happened.
It was like out of nowhere,
The puppies became hellhounds
And the beautiful lakes became
Pits of lava.

The sun was now too hot and
The clouds were getting darker.
The gray sky seemed endless
And time was meaningless.

Shackles wrapped around my wrists
And ankles,
Holding me prisoner in my own

The black smoke that then flew
From my throat was accompanied
By a shrill wail
And I watched with wide eyes
As a gargoyle materialized in front
Of me
And sat atop my lungs.

I tried my best to scream,
But all I could muster were
A few mere whimpers.

It was then that I heard the
Noise surrounding me.
I looked around to see people
Smiling and laughing with the

Someone waved me over
And held up a glass of
Red liquid.

I said nothing.

The woman shrugged
And turned back to the

Did they not see all of it?
The lava, the shackles,
The gargoyle sitting on top
Of me?

I looked into the eyes of
The fearsome creature and
It disappeared before my eyes,
Along with the shackles.

I stood up on shaking feet.
I could still feel the weight
Of him on my lungs
And the restraints around
My wrists
and ankles.
Erika Castaldo
Written by
Erika Castaldo
     Lior Gavra, Got Guanxi and Corvus
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