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Dec 2016
For a very small moment in time
I wish you could look through my eyes
And see yourself walking away from me
Feel the pain I felt the day you decided
You no longer needed to leave the door unlocked
Or find me in the aisle of the supermarket
Where we would kiss up against the freezers
And pick out our favorite ice cream
You always said I was your favorite flavor
I wish you could feel how you tasted on my lips
When you spoke the words that sounded like
They were poorly thought about during all
The moments you spent lying in bed next to her
While I was fast asleep dreaming about you
I wish you could feel the way your hands felt
Cradling my fingers when you counted everything
You loved about me in just ten words
Now when I stare at my hands they're writing
Words I promised I'd never send you
I wish you could feel the way it felt to be
Completely drowned in lies & excuses
Like they took the oxygen right out of me
I wish you could see how beautiful you made me feel
When you placed your hand over my heart & smiled
Because you said it made you feel at home
But now I am standing alone in a world where
You painted a lilac sky and a golden sunset
& now when I look up at the stars
I wish you could feel how it feels to be alone.
Written by
MAR  La Jolla, California
(La Jolla, California)   
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