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MAR Mar 2018
I'm trying to convince myself deep down in dark parts of me
That I do not deserve love for many reasons all of which
Are coming across the same in my head because I have never been
Able to hold on long enough to something that wants to stay
But my body begs for you to lay down with me and tell me
That I am not alone, for once in my life I am not alone
In this race to figure out how to love myself first  
So that you can love me after.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Feb 2018
In any given universe or galaxy
The ability to care about someone  
Can transcend across time and space
Next to you it felt as if  
Time would begin to slow down
Defying all laws of physics  
Giving me an undeniable strength
To overcome my deepest fears
Of abandonment and desolation
And hold you so close that
When we touch it's like electricity
A synapse of fire and brilliancy
Running up and down our bodies
Like a series of circuits
With an unbelievable power to
Make me feel like at the center
Of your chest is a familiar place
In which I can lay my head  
Looking up at the stars knowing
Wherever we may be in the world
Our skies will look the same.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Feb 2018
As I bask in your sunshine
Taking in every moment
Every ray of light
Warming my heart
I think of how beautiful it is
That someone can be just as
Breath taking as a warm winter day
As the breeze floats through the window
The wind whispers to the plants
Or as magical as a sunset along the ocean
Pink and purple mixing
Like they were lovers
Meant to meet each other each each time
The sun says hello to the moon.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Feb 2018
Happiness now became defined by
Every moment spent laying with you
Nothing else in the world mattered
The warmth of your body touching
Mine set my soul on fire
I found healing somewhere
Where it did not live before
You put me back together again
Piece by piece with infinite parts
I wanted to give you all of me
I wanted to fall into you
Surrender every ounce of me
That I had left to give
And dance with you in the moonlight
Over and over again
Like a melody in my head
Because you were the orchestra
And my dear you gave me the sweetest symphonies.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Feb 2018
Looking into your hazel eyes I found a new world
I learned what it was like to find someone
Who wants every part of you for themselves
I know even now sitting here telling myself
That my heart can't afford to face darkness again
That surely there is going to be a moment
Where you'll look into my eyes
Grab my hands and wrap your fingers between mine
Hold me tight through the night
Wake up in the morning and look at me generously
As your body sinks into mine
And I will fall completely for you
And I will forget what it is like to be alone.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Jan 2018
I pulled the skeletons out of my closet
Summarized my darkest fears of abandonment
And held them between your fingers as I struggled
To explain my deepest rooted pain through words
Like surrendering everything that has left me empty
And giving it to you to use as a weapon against me
Shattering every wall I have built to keep away anyone
Who would care enough to understand why I ever
Built a wall in the first place.
Part of my "Infinite Parts" series, dedicated to you.
MAR Jan 2018
I am translucent
But I see everything quite clearly
I don’t wear black cloak
That’s just scary  
I was there when the hurricane hit
That poor village on the coast
I was standing in the sand
And I saw faces
All those miserable faces
The panic in their eyes
I carried each of their bodies
Even the starving children
Cradled in their mothers arms
I wanted to leave them
Believe me  
I wanted to
I hate seeing tears
It makes me cry
How ironic
I cry
But I have a job
It haunts me
I’ve seen beautiful moments
Humans with compassion
Humans who genuinely love  
Who aren’t ready to let go
Of the hands they hold so close
The way they look into each other
Their eyes when they fill with tears
It makes me hate my job
 I’ve seen tragic moments
As I sit beside humans
Who have taken their lives
I weep as I take their hand
I have emotions too
I hate wars
****** battlefields
A huge mess to clean up
I hate funerals  
I gather families to say goodbye
And I get to greet with a hello
I hate souls that try to fight back
There aren’t second chances
I’m just doing my job
You get used to it
It gets easier
It’s an important job
The most important one there is
And I’ve seen humans in all forms
Evil selfish virtuous crazy fools
Most are ready for me
Open their arms wide
I love their embrace
Most aren’t ready
Too young
Not enough time
Want to run away
Wish for a different life
It makes my heart cringe
How ironic
Even death has a heart.
An old entry from my portfolio.
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