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Nov 2016
she sticks her toes in quicksand like she's not afraid to fall
she puts her hand in the fire like she's not afraid to burn.
they can beat her down, but she will always get up-- she stands tall
and she doesn't need your pity, nor does she crave your concern.
she skips across highways like she's not afraid of impact
she jumps into the deep end like she's not afraid to drown.
she can break through it all, even when the odds are stacked
and never will you see her lips in a frown.
she says what comes to mind like she's not afraid of reaction
she does what she pleases like she's not afraid of criticism.
her mind and her mind alone is her only attraction
her heart radiates light, it glows like a prism.
she walks alone at night like she's not afraid of the dark,
she faces the ocean like she's not afraid of the tide.
in her heart, she will always have a spark
it will never die out, as she casts her every fear aside.
you cannot dim her light, you can only let her shine
and by doing so, you'll realize she makes your heart grow.
she'll take your hurt, lift it away- and once again, you'll be fine
she will hold your soul whenever you feel low.
you can't crack or bend the girl, she will only just adapt
she will conform to the mold of any situation you throw at her.
she is purity, she is grace-- never one to be inapt
she is a force to be reckoned with, a hurricane about to stir.
courtney elizabeth
Written by
courtney elizabeth  Milwaukee, WI
(Milwaukee, WI)   
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