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Nov 2016
"Why are you running away from us?"  my boss asked me.
"I quit" I said.
"I just quit."
There's no hostilities, or hard feelings.
No tears, or jokes, or anything you could've done different.
This was only ever about money, and time, and the correlation between how much of one would earn me the other.
Eventually the correlation fell into the negatives though.
It stopped earning me money, and started costing me time.
It cost me sleep.
It made me bored or depressed.
Even my liver was miserable.
He had to put up with this job too.
So I just quit.
"What'll you do now?" he asked.
I told him I was thinking of becoming an internationally renowned criminal.
All three of the other security guards at my job laughed.
I didn't.
Eric L Warner
Written by
Eric L Warner  Saint Paul, MN
(Saint Paul, MN)   
     Glass and ---
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