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Nov 2016
To former me,
From starry eyed idealist
To hardened cynic -
I corrupted you.
I turned you into what I am
And I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations;
Somehow it hurts the worst
To let you down.

To former me,
The plan you made was perfect
Until I took it
And turned it to ****.
I’m sorry I failed you.
You had such big dreams-
But failure is much more terrifying now.
I’m sorry things changed,
And I wish I could tell you
That I’m happy.

To former me,
I’m sorry I left you behind.
The me that is writing this
Is new and foreign to you.
Sometimes I think you’d be glad,
You’d love my confidence, my creativity,
My theories, and my style,
But at this very moment,
At this.
I think you’d hate me
Written by
Prodigy  Vulcan
     Lior Gavra and FrankenRhymeStein
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