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Feb 2010
'and she's off... '

once there was a girl
who carried silence as an abusedΒ weapon
she didn't use it often
but when she did
it was a silence that killed
or created, depending on the situation
she would talk and talk and talk
until most were convinced
she had nothing to say
and then she would stop
no explanations
no excuses
no anything
and then she would wait
for the inquiries to start
was she angry
or sad or confused
what was she thinking
the simple truth of it all was
she wasn't contemplating the meaning of life
or the meaning of anything, for that matter
she was playing a game
a silly, childish game
of false mystery and pretense
because she was
at the end of it all
nothing more than an attention *****.
the end
Written by
Brittany Leigh
   B Berres
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