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Feb 2010
'the tragic chapter'

she was a strange one
and that was probably the kindest thing
that was said about her
she had the kind of voice
that reminisced of old school
pre-Disneyfied hideously terrifyingly
mind-alteringly ugly witches
and her looks were not exactly top-shelf,
shall we say
but surely somehow she could have
some kind of productive fulfilling
if not altogether happy life
because everyone can have that
if they truly want it
or so we’re so often told
there was a problem
though this individual
held no false pretenses of siren’s voice or angel’s beauty
though she acknowledged and owned and satirized
her own plainness
she would never really be fulfilled or happy
because she had
a particularly devastating and incurable fatal flaw
you see, even though she was a perfectly capable girl 
with a good idea of what she found pleasing
materialistically and career-wise
her personal life was another story
even though she would
never dream of playing princess
she still believed herself
to be entitled to no less than
a handsome prince
or knight, or duke, or CEO even
job title wasn’t really the issue
this was due in no small part to that little life gem
we’re all given
that maxim of anyone being or doing or having anything
they ever desired
so long as they wanted and worked for it hard enough
and unfortunately
another of those few things
that could be said in her favor
was that she was nothing if not determined
to the point of obsession, as it were
it was this very determination to land the alpha male
she was never entitled to 
that would see through
to the very end of her tale
she knew what she wanted
and knew she would never have it
but the lack of having did nothing
to ease the wanting
so she wanted her way through an entire life
with a successful career
and her own home
and two cats
named Doppelganger and Die Fledermaus
and she spent her down time
in her house
with her cats
talking to her prince
that never was
because she was far too stubborn
to take any lesser offer
than the man of her dreams
but dreams aren’t real
and unfortunately
no one took the time to point that out to her
until in the end
when her cats were dead
and the few friends she had
got tired of listening to her
ramble through her fantasies
and gave up
and left
and she was alone
in her house
talking to her dreams
because those were really
all she ever had.
the end
Written by
Brittany Leigh
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