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Oct 2016
he sighted
a ****** of crows
lined on a dead oak branch  
he could see only silhouettes
against a gray dawn sky    

he closed one eye
pulled both triggers
on grandpa’s old gun;
all of them save one fell
from the lifeless limb  

the sole survivor
looked down on him,
but did not move, not an inch
not even when he reloaded,
aimed and shot again
* a two minute poem has no requirements other than it be written in two minutes--after the two minutes, editing is permitted; e.g., changing tense, omitting or changing words (adding words is not permitted), changing number or even changing the order of words within in a line--it is an entertaining form that has potential for one to make economical use of words and time
Written by
       Mary Winslow, Harriet Cleve, ---, Lora Lee, --- and 13 others
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