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Oct 2016
The music filled my silver SUV
It matched the sky,
my car that is.
My mood.
The music.
Grey, with a twinkle.

Looking back now I can feel the velocity of the car
pulling at my body
Around the gradual turn,
the road is wet
from the snow melting.
Next to the deep grey asphalt
that screamed for summer,
There are sad looking piles
of it
that glimmered with soot.
It was one of those weird days one the cusp of spring
where it was
40 degrees.

I was on my way to the tall boy's house
the one who tears at my heart today.
What I would give to feel that moment at its fullest again.
The vibrations of the song
I fell in love with,
filling the vehicle.
The chill of the seat,
The heat on full blast
and leaving it there when I became plenty warm.
I had my driver window open an inch
to snag a whiff of the clean
still crisp
winter air.

I want to be where I was,
in my warm car
singing harmonies
to that one Lumineers CD
Holding on to the hope you will interpret this how you want.
I promise mine will not match.
Lindsey Grace
Written by
Lindsey Grace  Pittsburgh
   Glass, --- and bekka walker
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