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Oct 2016
Am I asleep in this pretty daydream?
Thine eyes, thy smile, thy laugh, each thing bout thee
Turns I complete and rejoice with the stars
Hard ’tis to believe we have love like ours

A brawling love, the people offered us
Tell thee lies who I never, ever was
They wanted to fill thee with loving hate
Declared, decided, them, our very fate

If the capulet would hate me for wealth
I tell thee one thing that wealth won’t buy;
Love! true and pure that from thee, I have met
Thou, who have shown me the love very right

Never fades away, that smile thou’ve entrust
Never separate, ever would we do
Ne’er would be tempted with the demon’s “musts”
Center, is the fearsome between us two

O Juliet, love, I’ve seen thy tragedy
Stand still, I do, trying my best for thee
But it seems I can’t wipe thy tears away
Thou’ve found someone who’s better, I would say.

Promised and swore, I, to only love thee
Now, seeing thou shatters me far apart
But It’s thou, my love, I’ll have to set free
'Tis not I, who’ll, in a hutch, keep thy heart

So before I go and say my “byes”
Just promise me so, in peace, I could die
For it’s not what my mind would only create
Please, wake me not from this dream I have made.
I wrote this poem while reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Kurt Christian B Tubera
   Doug Potter
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