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Sep 2016
Feeling empty inside
Like there is nothing there
I don’t know how I feel
How can this be?
How can I not know my own feelings?
Feeling so down
Who cares?
No one cares
Surrounded by selfish people
Only wanting what they want
To hell with how I feel or what I am dealing with
Feeling empty inside
Where is everything?
What do I have left to give?
I have nothing left to give
Love just doesn’t seem to be enough
What am I suppose to do?
What can I do to make this right?
How am I suppose to fix this?
Maybe my expectations are too high
Maybe I should not expect anything at all
Well what about love?
Don’t I at least deserve love?
Am I that bad that I am unworthy to be loved?
What is really going on?
Feeling empty inside
Don’t know what to feel
Don’t know how to feel
What is the point of feeling anything?
You will just end up hurt in the end
I didn’t sign up for pain
I signed up for love
I felt it so strong for a while
What happened? Where is it?
I had it in my grasp
It is not perfect but it is mine
I feel so broken
Broken beyond repair
Wondering will  I be able to bounce back this time
Will take years
I loved as strong as I could this time
Didn’t think I could ever love a woman so strong
But I do
Never felt like I needed anyone
But I feel I need her
She has been all I had
I am simple I don’t ask for much
Just love
Give me love
Feeling so empty inside
Tired of hurting
Tired of crying
When is the good part going to come along
There has to be more than the fighting
More than the hurt
Can I please  get this one right
It has the potential of being the best relationship ever
Why is it so hard?  
Wanting that breath of fresh air but it seems so far away
Why does love have to be so complicated?
I remember when things were different and we use to see each other every day I miss you..
Feeling so empty inside
Feeling empty  as if im not of importance
zero  tears
Written by
zero tears  reading
   Doug Potter
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