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Feb 2012
Maybe I needed someone,
someone to remind me,
of how special I could feel.
All wrapped up in their arms,
feeling their hesitation as they struggle to let me go.

Maybe I needed someone,
someone to help close the gaps
in my heart that were once filled by you.
I didn't want to believe that I needed anyones help,
I thought I could do it all on my own,
but I needed another hand to
help force the fragments of my heart back together.

It was almost as if the positive and negative forces
were residing right between the pieces of my heart,
just repelling them from one another,
to make sure that I wouldn't feel complete...
at least for awhile. So,

if I bring the glue,
can you bring the tape?
Just to be sure that my heart doesn't shatter
like it has before,
and it's never quite been able to heal.
So maybe this time can we douse it with glue,
and make sure to cradle it until it sets.
And then we can wrap it in many layers of that shiny new tape.
And make sure that it's the good kind,
not the cheap stuff that you get at the dollar store.

Because this time it really needs to stick.
I can't afford to have it rip again.
Not this time,
I feel like you're too important to lose.
If my heart begins to unravel,
in its many layers of tape,
it will be from my own demise,
not from anyone else this time.
Kati Lyn Mitchell
Written by
Kati Lyn Mitchell
   Pure LOVE and ---
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