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Feb 2012
I mean, I don’t mind that you’re here
But the feelings that it gives me,
Frustrated feelings
That I can’t be with her
In a time when I need
In a time when I want her most.

I mean, I like you, I don’t hate you
But you give me feelings
Feelings… I’m so ******* emotional
And you’re both so ******* cute.

Less than a week,
Less than a week, is all.
I can be cute with my love.

Jealousy maxed out
As I watch you kiss his face,
Oh, how I long for one of those.
You’re both just so ******* cute together.

I can’t wait any longer…
I miss you so much.
Can’t I just be with you forever?

**December 17, 2011
I wrote this one when I missed my girlfriend very much and my roommate's girlfriend came. They're just really cute together and well, these rather all over the place thoughts are the result of my jealousy.
Ben DuBois
Written by
Ben DuBois
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