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Aug 2016
Humanity is an absolute mess
You work so hard
And they destroy every piece of
The world you love
They destroy your green
They destroy your gardens
They destroy your childhood and your innocence

Today he destroyed my childhood
You took out my fond memories
You tore gashes into my tender skin
You made tears rip from eyes
And drench the pages
In my books

I cried

I could not be strong
When humanity is so vile and wicked
I could not be strong

Drenched in tears
I sit
I weep
I scream
I swear and I cuss
At this humanity
This terrible humanity
That put such a vile taste in my mouth

Get out
Leave me
I detest you

I regret your decisions
Do not tell me
'it will get better'

I hate you Humanity
As you destroy my youth
My innocence
You plagued me with your being

Get out.
Elizabeth Burns
Written by
Elizabeth Burns  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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