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Aug 2016
Man... I'm so sick of this ****, taking like a politician, tryin ta act like a different person.
Even when im wrightin an gettin twisted.
Stayin up 3 days without sleepin even a second.
I feel like I abandoned my mission, of relatin to the worlds neglected children.
Started spitin **** thatΒ Β made me sound like a *****.
but the truth is im still white, high, wearin black hoodies and  refusin to accept what I don't like.
Didint notice I was writtin any different I was just hella trippin on the white ****,
sittin up all night on hello poetry half dead, can't remember half of what I said. Just remember i wasn't making sense,
finly went to bed and im back again...

Finley Wearin all black again, bandana ironed in my back left again, but even on my brightest days i was born to sin.
So im still north side 14 only white boy allowed in. Pipe loaded with whatever for forever  someone better burry me with a peice in my pocket to chief on when they lower down my casket and lock it. Then pour little bit of 40 on top for the homie who never stopped kilin it.
dennis drain
Written by
dennis drain  Bellevue idaho
(Bellevue idaho)   
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