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Aug 2016
I forgot
I have forgotten who I was
and why I came up onto this roof
why I do this so often

I come up here to simplify

In my house, there is internet and music
and my computer, TV, nick nacks, memories, the past,
the future
the now
it is all down there

Up here...
up here there are clouds
sometimes stars
trees, grass, a shed, two sheds,
a road that no one travels on
occasionally music in the distance
from a house near the lake
the one that parties too much
full of the nows
but here
birds, crickets, cicadas, bats
the earth moves around me

Up here
I have what I always will have
even if I lose everything
I will have this simple beauty
and they will keep believing
that as long as people come to their party
they have it all
see Undiscerning for the prequel to this poem.
Lindsey Grace
Written by
Lindsey Grace  Pittsburgh
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