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Aug 2016
with a radio less things move, less distractions, added focus, you can conjure pseudo-telepathic tendencies to things, but of course objects don't move, but imagining that they do is aimed at probing more and more subjects, cognitive archaeology - a beautiful name for your own personal addition to the whole architecture of a person.*

so with memory, otherwise named cognitive archaeology -
i think Walt Disney was a pauper in this realm,
archaeology prizes pity pennies worth of ceramics at
the time of their display, but in a dusty trench
museum materials... most of van Gogh was worth
toilet-paper at the time, then the numbers came
with Don McLean - it was worth it for that kind of love;
but truly, the richest man on earth is a man
who doesn't escape using his imagination,
but the man who escapes using his memory -
no fake images are materialised, nothing Mickey about it...
it's tartar steak materialisation, the mandible bits -
few beautiful people know how to use -
like i said before, i have absolutely no imagination,
but i have a banknote of £1,000,000 worth's of memory
to cash-in every time i invest in a regression of my
cognitive affairs in the current stasis of squash *****
lazying in cold rubber not ready for hot soft play with;
people imagine too much, imagination telepathic -
a pathological stance given the curriculum -
no pathology is expected from being apathetic,
as in: no god from atheism - yet people curse apathy
as the lowest ebb of the feeling, humanising man.
better to remember yourself than imagine yourself
otherwise (from what you are now).
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
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