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Jul 2016
I'm listening to a song that is slow and gentle, it tickles my ears like your whispers used to.
I haven't spoken to you in months.
Yes, we've said hello and exchanged a few words, but I really haven't seen you in months.
I miss you, and now you finally know how much.
You know how much this burns, you know how much damage has been done.
We haven't spoken in months.
If I look for long enough I can still find your fingerprints across my skin. They're dulling, and each day it gets easier to watch them spiral around the sink bowl and down the drain.
I hold onto the moments I spent with you because they make me happy. I hold onto the memories I have of you not with hope, but with gratitude.
I thank you for showing me love, for showing me how heartache works so I know how to look out for it next time.
Thank you for teaching me a lesson no one else could.
Thank you for some of the best and worst times of my life.
Thank you.
This isn't goodbye, I'll probably get a few more poems out of you before I close the door on we.
So...see you later.
p.s. this poem ***** because you tend to toss my thoughts around in my head, you ****.
Written by
Anonymous  Florida
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