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Jul 2016
If I was the bullet?
Would I strike your heart or hit the ground?

If I was the gun?
Would I fire the bullet or misfire the chamber?

If I was the person holding the gun?
Would I think about you or think about me?

If I was the finger on the trigger?
Would I squeeze it or pull away?

If I was the eyes looking at you?
Would I see your color or see the person?

If I was the moment?
Would I continue time or pause for the second?

If I had a thought?
Would I scream or be silent?

If I was a human being?
Would I love you or hate you?
Stop the senseless killings no matter who you are...don't divide, Unite!!
Silence Screamz
Written by
Silence Screamz  In Silence ..
(In Silence ..)   
     Ja and Silence Screamz
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