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Feb 2012
Your contribution to romantic exchange
Is sipping cold coffee
Neither satisfying nor stimulating
Your unwillingness to invest
May be reluctance at best
Yet I fail to find the charm in that
Poetry doesn’t exist there
Passion blew through this town
Along with the hope of settling here
Building a castle to protect us both
With the labor of love
But no labor came from you
Your womb is empty
And I am left to wonder about your heart
And where to start
Walking from here
Guess you were just passing through
But I found home in you
I would’ve lived in a box outside your door
If you could’ve just given a little more
I resigned from life as I knew it for awhile
Because of a smile
A look …
I miss …
But there is no reason here
I’ve had my last beer with fear
Shared my last embrace
With that look on your face
The one that kept me captive
For so long
Lost in the lines of a Tod Weidner song
Slowly sedating myself awake
Curious what it is you didn’t take
Pointless to consider when there’s nothing at stake
No more plans to make
Nothing left of a heart to break
Just a tattoo of you
Etched into my soul
A piercing reminder
I will never be whole
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
     Jack Piatt, serah, --- and Melissa S
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