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Jul 2016
If you only knew....
If you only knew half the things i repeat over and over in my head you would wonder why i haven't cracked like that egg you dropped Monday morning. If you saw what a handful of hurtful words can do to a body if left alone long enough at night i think you'd trace the lines that cover my skin not deep enough to stay just deep enough for you to run your hands over and tell me its a turn on for you. Like saying if i had enough of these scars youd actually like to be in a committed relationship with me,but sadly I'm already with someone and they haven't left since i met them. I know where to find them if things aren't going right because everything has to be perfect. And although cold to the touch i still feel their love. Its like a bite and the sting stays there awhile learn to love it when you pour rubbing alcohol into them because you think they are infected and god knows what your parents would do if they found your back with them again.
Sorry i havent posted in awhile just been down lately
Jaxton Tyler Redmond
Written by
Jaxton Tyler Redmond  Utah
   --- and Just Melz
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