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Jun 2016
When is the right time
To make a decision
To bring the result expected
In the short time?
when sleep
I hope that my mind calm
The storm inside my heart
And slowly burning in my soul.
I'd love to say that renews me
Lie down and be able to rest
Without worrying about the ****
The whole world is doing around.
According tired unsure
If even I slept or stayed awake
Or that period of time where
It is not known what the exact place.
When I get up I see a strange world
And I wonder if even belong
In this load of crap
That is present in every corner of the window.
Reborn and die as well as sleep and wake
Every day that passes, every year
And the meaning of existence is lost
If it ever even had any.
When I think I catch something,
Even if it seems a small thing,
Become the ultimate of humanity,
In an almost complete rarity.
I run like a wild one
Do not know where, I have no idea,
Just run, just run
As a mad mad completely tormented.
If no secret even in this life
I do not know, not found and no wonder.
I only know that I was born. When? Someday!
I do not know, do not know or want to know.
Only interested me the 'when' of things.
The amount no longer matters so much,
After all, at that time of life,
The time of things is important.
Schizophrenia embraced arrives at the age,
Senility kiss my lips
And practically asks me to marry
In a final story already announced and predictable.
Senile, anyway.
Adroaldo Barbosa Jr
Written by
Adroaldo Barbosa Jr  Brazil
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