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Jun 2016
I didn't sleep last night

Tossing and turning from another body count driven by a terrorist organization with no true goal then to cause mayhem

God take me back to the USSR

The statues of blue collared workers in the streets

It wouldn't matter if you were a carpenter, a doctor, or a farmer.

You were all on the same train heading to your families at the end of the day.

Take me back to the time people didn't profit off the water sold to the thirsty

Take me back to the day when people didn't drive a dollar from the sicks oxygen

By god take me to when a potato farmer wasn't spending more for his dirt then he was getting in return for his natural resources

I am *******.

The generation we are growing up in is being coddled.

Our hands don't need to be held because we are forming our own opinions that have been foreign to you.

We believe in what happened behind your door is your business.

Because love is love and we are all in this world together
Your generation has not always picked the best leader.

This time isn't seeming any different.

How can we appoint a man that isn't confident enough to show his bald spot and is forced to wear a toupee.

Well let me tell you something.

America is bald. And there is no toupee to cover up are **** ups  

We are not a broken generation we are just being shadowed by forefathers that set guidelines for a corrupt corporate government.

Sit the **** down and give us our voice back

Or we will pack up.

And go back to the USSR

God please take me back to the USSR
Written by
Triston Wareing  Ohio
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