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Jun 2016
Friends turn,
we live and learn,
wait for our bonds to burn,
find ourselves only to yearn,
to be connected long term,
but I find that we can not,
race towards happiness only To get caught,
tangled in drama and just when you thought,
you were gonna make it you are stopped,
left alone to rot,

Real Life.

After all of this you want to spill and YOU want to be forgiving?

Really? K.

Secure. Commit. Complete. Finished.

I feel like every **** time I try to tell YOU something it goes in and is barely registered.

I feel like every time I tell you something you listened but it was only for your schemes to be played out.

I didn't force you. You arranged, schemed if I was to be artistically over dramatic.

I want it to just be finished.
Written by
Miles Halter
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