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Jun 2016

There's only 26

I can't wrap my head around it
You're telling me
all I need is 26

That's insane

26 letters
laid out in some combination
could lead you back to me

It's that simple?

How many combinations
and therefore how many realities

How many times do I get it right?
How many times do I dot my I's
and cross my T's
enough to lead you back to me

What was this supposed to be
and overused drawn out symphony

write until you have an epiphany

26 that's all I need
to let you know what you meant to me
to finally
lead you back to me


This must be a lie
I can count that on five hands
provided an extra finger

let that thought linger

it can't be
provided our history
the right answer alludes me
it remains a mystery


that's all it will take
but I can't let myself make the same mistake
it's time I nix
the search for those elusive

Written by
Tark Wain
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