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Jun 2016
There is a battle raging that often goes unseen. It is between the forces of heaven and hell, with lost souls as the causalities. The battle is not for everyone, but when God does give a call. He calls for a solider to fight and to give their all. The battle is not won by the swift or the strong. That is not what Gods wants in a solider at all. He seeks out someone who will be humble but have strength. He wants those who have conviction and will not easily become faint. He demands the up most loyalty and sometimes you may think you are fighting alone. In this you must be patient, because the greater plan cannot always be seen. God ask just do your part and leave the rest to him. Once you have fought your fight, you will see how the battle was won. Not by acts of savagery, with a sword or a gun. The fight was taken to the enemy by showing compassion and love, for the battle is the lords to fight from his heavenly throne above. With legions of angel armies at his beckon call, sometimes God simply needs a Christian solider, to come and answer the call.
James M Vines
Written by
James M Vines  Atlanta Georgia
(Atlanta Georgia)   
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