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Jun 2016
I sit here, watching the animals dance
They sway to the imaginary music playing in my head
The animals themselves are true, but their real forms lack movement
The song pitches into another song phrase, and I sit, imagining that these once live animals could come back to life
Squirrels, cats, wolves, chickens, ants, all the like
They used to live, but now they lay in the pitiful man-made crater in their home
The trees they called their home were gone, taken by the trucks that carried them to the paper plant
The grass they once frolicked on was trampled by the conveyor belt wheels of the monster who stole their home and their lives
And there, sitting in the mess, are the animals, ****** and pulpy and gross
Who wouldn't cringe at this sight? Who would cry their eyes out?
I'll tell you who: the monsters who caused it.
And they call themselves human
When the path they follow leads to more destruction any author could dream up
It saddens me to tell this tale, but it is necessary
You are causing this, just standing there.
Well, go do something!
Anima Torch
Written by
Anima Torch  Writers' Corner
(Writers' Corner)   
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