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May 2016
I heard a knock while I, quite bored,
Had read a rather spooky book.
The door then of its own accord
Swung open, and I had to look.
Beyond it I saw raging skies,
Awash with ****** reddish hues
And there, a thing with piercing eyes
Stared right at me. I was confused
And asked it, "Who and what are you?
What do you want? Where are you from?
Dear sir, you're looking rather blue.
Come in," I said, "you seem quite glum."
The entity came through my door
And hovered there, and said one thing;
A thing that shook me to my core:
"I've come here from the Weeping Spring."
The first of a series that tells a story. See if you can figure out what's happening. Keep in mind, it's a fantasy story. That means magic and monsters rule the lands.
Malcolm Eaves
Written by
Malcolm Eaves
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