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Jan 2012
My dreams are an interstellar spaceship
(gotta admit, that's pretty hip).
I close my eyes and they take me far
beyond the reaches of the farthest star.
There I sit and ponder
all the cosmic wonder
of life, love, luck and chance,
and all sorts of circumstance.

I look to the stars and see
hopes of life in natural beauty.
Every path a new possibility,
my wishes come near reality.
I look to the dark and see
my fears pooling in abyssal sea.
Undisturbed, they're left alone,
for by my hopes, they are outshone.

To me alone belongs this view,
but my dreams were built for two.
Alone, I feel the cold,
long for you to hold.
Come with me, I'll let you see
all the universe in majesty.
My dreams are an interstellar spaceship.
Won't you join me on this trip?
Aric J Brisolara
Written by
Aric J Brisolara
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