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Aric J Brisolara Nov 2015
I refuse your refuse.
If you wish to speak
in the manner of manure,
do so in another’s pastures presence.
4 and 20 poem
Repost, because I accidentally deleted it...
Aric J Brisolara Oct 2012
I am man broken, succumbed to the fall,
my shattered shards are piercing reminders
that I exist in mere mortality.
I dreamt of flying higher than the sun,
yet constringed chains constantly crushed my corpse.
The wind to lift my wings and fill my sails
scatters my scarred shards of soul while it wails.

Man, have faith in me who created you.
Look again through eyes not your own, but mine.
See what I see, how I meant you to be.
When you thought you were broken, incomplete,
I broke away all the needless pieces.
You are free of unnecessarities.
There is no need for your uncertainties.

You fly not by your power but by mine
My wind carries you higher and farther
than your wings could have ever lifted you.
In me, you have life; I am life itself.
What have you to fear, when I am so near.

You ran away and hid yourself from me.
You are never too far away from me.
Come back! Let me finish what I started.
There is still more work to be done in you.
You are broken, but I will make you whole.
Through all the pain and joy, stay close to me,
I will show you who I meant you to be.
Aric J Brisolara Jun 2012
You look down on me from supposed heights.
You think yourself the world's axis.
You exercise control at every chance.
You spy on me like a vulture,
waiting for a chance to feast upon my carcass.
You think I don't notice.
Tinted windows hide not identity!
You will lose this game you play,
for no one plays it, but you.
I will continue, regardless of you
for in my world, you do not matter.
The things you do are inconsequential
My mission calls me higher.
Stay in the world you've schemed yourself
I had evaluated you as an equal,
how far did discernment deceive.
I name you
not even worthy enough
to be named
my nemesis
Aric J Brisolara May 2012
I stubbed my toe,
just thought the world should know.
Aric J Brisolara Mar 2012
Life is a prayer never ceasing,
a cycle of concerns and celebrations,
a continual cry to God,
deeds done and words whispered,
a silent hope of recognition and response,
and after the rush of emotion and passion,
the silence as we wait and listen...
Aric J Brisolara Feb 2012
bed never better,
sleep never sweeter,
blanket's breadth bound,
day, dreams drown....
Aric J Brisolara Jan 2012
I tried to write on the wall of your heart
but with grudge the gates were rusted shut.
I was left outside, waiting and hoping.
I pulled on the portal gate with all my passion,
but the constringed chains closed chance.
Exhausted, I whispered please,
I serenaded and susurrated, softly, sweetly,
but still the barred path stared back at me.

I stopped trying.
I waited.
I never left.
I stood, I sat.
I walked around,
but never departed.
Eternity passed, but I waited still.
I slumbered at the gate, afraid to leave.

Jolt! I woke
to chains clangorous collapse
A statue I remained,
afraid of dreams embrace still bound.
The gate swung slowly open,
aware of its very action.
A breath I barely breathed.
Invited at last, I slipped within.
still working on a few more stanzas and general editing....
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