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Sep 2012
‘Tis the eyes of the Lobster: all beady and black
Little black pearls; but luster they lack
They stare and stare with nary a blink.
And heavens to Betsy if you know what they think!
With pinchers and crushers and blood of blue
I’m not so sure I’d want one in my stew!
The new year dawns and here am I
Writing of lobsters and I’m not sure why!
Oh, but I jest and of course I do!
‘Twas a bet! I lost! And now pay my due.
Sincere apologies to those who read.
I know it’s rough. I must complete this deed.
          I hope this ditty; whatever it be
          Fits the bill and you’re more than pleased, --!
With my sincerest apologies to Lewis Carroll who wrote 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster'.

**-- [in the vane of Lewis Carroll I have omitted the last words here ie name of my friend to whom I lost the bet!]

© Kate Little
January 2012
All Rights Reserved
Kate Little
Written by
Kate Little
   Joel M Frye
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