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May 2016
Fit in
I have to fit in
Look the part
And play it flawlessly
I don’t remember the last time I ate a whole meal
I’m not even sure I know what a whole meal is anymore
We’re all a part of this play
Our characters decided for us
In hopes I can change where I belong
I paint my face day after day
Day after day I try not to envy others
Envy the love, and success of my peers
I hide, feeling disgust for myself
I go unnoticed like a broken doll
People only look to judge
No one tries to glue my pieces back together
Fit in
You have to fit in
But I’m just a minor character
No one notices me
I don’t want to disappear
So I change myself more and more
More and more pieces shatter
Toppling to the ground like the meaningless things they are
Notice me
Please notice me
See me for who I am
I’m so sick of pretending I’m okay
Pretending to fit in
Fit in
Fit in they told me
Thats the only way to become important
The only way for them to care about me
They didn’t tell me what I had to sacrifice
Sacrifice my beliefs, my personality
Sacrifice everything that made me, me.
Stand out
Please stand out
Not for me
But for you
For your quirky laugh
For your way of thinking
For everything that makes you your own person
Don’t spend your life wishing you were someone else
I can’t tell you how many times I cried
Cried myself to sleep
And wishing
Wishing I was brave enough to end it all
And finally wishing became reality
Like a cloud of smoke
I disappeared as a clone of someone else
Cassidy Wilson
Written by
Cassidy Wilson  Oklahoma
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