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Apr 2016
you should probably
look into someones life
before you barge in

you may not notice it
but when you say something
to a girl she take it directly to the heart
whether its necessary or not
so watch what you say

hell is real
more importantly
hell on earth
believe me
ive seen it
i live there

i live in a world where no one cares anymore

everyone breaks down my walls
and doesnt build back up the pieces
and no one looks inside my walls

if they did
they would see
a suicidal cutter

her parents hate her
everyone lets her bleed
people scar her
she scars herself

if you looked in her bed
and picked up her pillow
you could probably wring out
just about a million buckets of tears
and blood

if you listened to her pillow
you could probably hear just
about a few years worth
of long
if you listened long enough

you would see a girl
who gets called names
and emo
she pretends like she doesnt care
but it hurts her...
and creates new scars

if you look into her eyes you
can see where all the scars came from
and all the long
all the bad grades
and all the verbal abusings

and if you just look at her
you see a smile
and a coverup story
Izzy Krompack
Written by
Izzy Krompack  United States
(United States)   
   Busbar Dancer
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