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Apr 2016
A "Preacher" that I knew, an "Evangelist" no less
Richard Edward Rhoades, him I will not bless
Why pray tell oh why? Listen closely and I'll tell
The "gOSPEL" that he preached, will send you straight to Hell
Doctrine-Doctrine-Doctrine! King Farce preached oh so loud
He founded a Society [1], with "gRACE" they were endowed
The gOSPEL that he preached, was from Corinthians the first
Chapter ten plus five...but what he preached brought on a curse
Verses three and four, note the last four words of each
Never Never Never, did Dusty Rhoades these teach
"According to the scriptures", Rhoades's Toads all took to mean
The Letters of St. Paul, and ONLY Paul's cuisine
Dusty Rhoades now burns in Hell, upon him is Paul's CURSE [2]
Richard Edward Rhoades...his gOSPEL was perverse

[1] The Maranatha Bible Society
[2] 2nd Cor 11:4
Google: "Maranatha Bible Society"
Google: "Richard E Rhoades"
Written by
Elihu Barachel
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