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Apr 2016
Can we......
I feel - is all this - wrapped in knots, hope, cloud, and a clout to my head
A motion, flashed - twitched in a second, innuendos
The clock handle moving - while our motion is steady - untouched
Building and falling. Your bravery marked on us both, forever falling to your grip

Green, blue, purple, lively love my dear
Have you whispered sweet nothings
In ones soft ear, caressing them in a trans
Whispering 'it's you'
Finally, a dream caught in your sunrise
The hands you hold me with mold into my side
Marking my hide - burning inside
With passion - fumed, full of embers crystallizing
Will you bring me - collide to me - send me to you
You whisper on my neck touching slowly - counting the galaxy
The lunar collection piled on my back
The mountains of smoke collect in your misted breathe
And your holding me by a whisper - and I drag my arms
Holding you -
Fervor of your brushes - the taste of your wind
Surrounds me - holds me

The world's tipped on its axis, yet my mind is tripped over you
Lost in relish of giddy tickled touches - fools stuck in a dreaming pool of love
Light rays land on your hand guiding a touch once more
You do, hold me - and I you
A sweet young love. Holding Hands - that's all. Starting to be intimate is difficult. The anticipation for the first touch is always so big. When one finally holds the other ones hand it feels like the invisible shield of uncertainty is tactfully breaking down.
Leila Valencia
Written by
Leila Valencia
     Austin Bauer
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