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Apr 2016
it's called the Mt. Everest of cuisine
without food critics...

- so i gather the chinese are not
   too keen on deserts, esp. chocolate?
   that fake aphrodisiac of feminism's
   excuses of eager beavers in early
   age trying to find a dumb schmuck
   later on in life and making him
   docile, effectively curbing his
   ****** appetite, translated as
   domestic violence after they went to *** parties
   with rich boy sons of billionaires?
- well the chinese do like sweet & sour
   and sweet & salty cuisine.
- indeed... quiet the deviation.
- and if it ain't sweet & sour or sweet & salty...
- compared with indian cuisine, it's quiet bland.

yes, today got cooking orange chicken,
what a playful, but a mysterious glutton dish...
the marinate was not like the marinate
i'm used to, it was so diluted...
orange juice, caster sugar, soya sauce,
malt vinegar, orange zest,
ginger and garlic paste,
finely grated onion - a bit of chicken,
half the marinate content soaking up
the chicken refrigerated for 1/2 an hour,
the rest heated to a boil, cornflour added
to thicken in...
then the marinated chicken taken
out of the marinate, dipped in egg
then cornflour and fried (mini schnitzels
of the east), in three batches...
then coated in the remaining marinate
of prior heated with cornflower,
a custard too thick that orange juice had to be
added, then evaporated so the essence
got soaked up... mm... a playful, but a mysterious
glutton dish... yummy.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  34/M/Essex (England)
(34/M/Essex (England))   
   jia and Just Melz
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